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Period: February - March 2022


About Qonsult

Well the story about qonsult begins actually when I was working together with Cecilia Parkert, Habee Shirzad, and Eleen Yu on a case for Byggmax where we were building 2 prototypes. We discovered that the beginner homebuilders longed for support when working on a home building project, someone experienced they could talk to, to get personal support. I developed of one the prototypes, the Building Buddy into a more high-fidelity version - qonsult, and that way we could do some testing to learn even more about that discovery. The qonsult case was worked on together with Habee Shiraz, Sabina Kasper, and Victoria Castro.


The challenge was to carry out Usability Evaluations to learn more about the product and its potential users. Based on the data we collected from testing, we could go back to the prototype and see what could be improved according to the needs expressed by the users. That way we could shape the product based on what makes the user satisfied and helps them reach their goal. It was a very adjustable case, and we reached that "Aha" moment where we could see how the users interact with the product and how it will add value to their lives.

Our process

We started by carrying out guerilla tests and got our question about whether the users could differentiate between the different services answered. This made us want to move on with the next question: How do the users experience the booking process and does it meet their needs?

We did not get to perform as many tests as we would have liked, but we received valuable feedback in several areas that pointed to what needs to be iterated for the booking process to flow better. Therefore, after some iteration, we chose to deepen our insights into the booking flow with the help of usability tests.

The Process of Usability Evaluation.png

During the process, we have improved the prototype based on the feedback from the users.

Purpose and objectives

The purpose of the usability tests was to investigate the booking process - How it is experienced and whether the user understands the functions. (Or even if the booking process works as we intended.)


  • Identify any problem areas and pains.

  • Find out if the information the participants receive in the process is sufficient.

  • Find out if the order of the steps in the booking flow feels natural.

  • Find out if users have any expectations before booking and if these are met.

  • Find out what effect buttons and color have.

Digital Tests

A formal presentation about the test and the ethical rules was emailed to the participants, where they had to answer about their consent to participate. The tests were performed in Figma's display mode and the tests were recorded via screen sharing.

During the analysis, we could therefore go back and look at the tests again, listen and see how the participants' mouse pointers moved by analyzing everything in more detail.

Afterwards all of the screen recordings and test-related materials were deleted.


The prototype was not interactive enough to create a natural flow during testing. The information users are asking for already exists in broad terms today, but it is not clear enough for them to absorb. The information that the users lacked mainly concerned the craftsmen's knowledge and prices. We need to review the order in the booking flow.

Improvements based on priority

Proposed order of priority, based on value creation:

1. Copy

Review copy so that the information is clear: For example. "Video meeting" instead of "digital booking", which is currently perceived as a digital process for booking a physical meeting. It is important that users understand the type of booking they are making so that they do not misunderstand the fundamental idea of ​​the app.

2. Info about costs

Provide clear information regarding costs as this can also affect how users navigate the app and what choices they make. Users expressed that it was important for them to know what they would have to pay for and important that it is clear whether the service is free.

Qonsult - Holding Phone.png


Few screens from the prototype. If you would like to see the prototype in more detail, let me know.


Team members on this case: Habee Shirzad, Victoria Castro and Sabina Kasper.

This project was one of many - make sure to check out my other projects and contact me if you have any questions about UX or my case studies. 

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