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UX Process

This is a collection of the areas I have learned within UX. I explain and show the different methods used in product development to increase user experience. Some of these methods can be used to drive the process forward in projects, and others can be used to question and explore both the long- and short-term effects of design.

Ethics in Design

There are different ways to start thinking about ethics in design and some tools can be of big help when discussing ethics in design. Different types of workshops can create an eye-opening point of view that can lead to real change. To change, you need increased awareness and tools to handle the problems.

Research - Analysis & Strategy

By performing a Target Group Analysis and researching the outside world through an External Analysis, we can understand the project's current situation and decide the next steps ahead of us. What else do we need to find out about the product or the users? Who are our users and do we understand their needs?

Usability Evaluation

The main focus of Usability Evaluation is to gain knowledge about how well users learn and use the product/service to achieve their goals. It can also be a way to learn if users are satisfied with the solutions and what needs to be improved to satisfy their needs.

Design Thinking

A process that can be used as a guide to design and test the product. It allows us to explore the product in different stages during the process and it is not uncommon to jump back and forth between the different stages in Design Thinking.

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