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Evaluating Accessibility at PostNord


WCAG 2.1

Accessibility Evaluation



Ways of Working

About PostNord

PostNord is a logistics and communications company that operates in the Nordic region. They offer a wide range of services, including postal and parcel delivery, freight transportation, and e-commerce solutions. The company's mission is to simplify and connect people's everyday lives by providing reliable, efficient, and sustainable services that meet their changing needs. PostNord has a long history and a commitment to innovation, continuously adapting to the evolving demands of the digital age and the global marketplace.


PostNord wants obtain a comprehensive accessibility status and identify potential areas that require enhancement to make their services more accessible.

Due to a nondisclosure agreement, I am not permitted to disclose any precise or detailed information pertaining to my internship work at PostNord.

My role

I was responsible for conducting accessibility evaluations to identify areas that needed improvement for providing more accessible services. I had considerable freedom in selecting the methods I deemed most effective for the task.

In addition to improving accessibility on the services - I aimed to raise awareness at PostNord about the long-term benefits of prioritizing accessibility.

How I chose my process

When I first began working on accessibility at the organization, I quickly realized that there was no existing work or processes in place that I could build upon. This presented a challenge, as I essentially had to start from scratch and create my own process from the ground up. I started planning how this could be done and would be best to start with some research!

Accessibility Audit Process.png

Research & Define Objectives

Researched various accessibility audit methods to determine the best approach and established the objectives of the audit to be performed - "why is this audit needed?".

Identified correct ways to present findings clearly for continued work towards a more accessible service.

Preparation & Setup

Prior to evaluating the service, understood its purpose and challenges, and found an effective and structured process to document findings for clear communication. Prepared the setup and the tools to be used.

Accessibility Audit

The process involved conducting both automated and manual tests with various tools with the results collected and supplemented with images to enhance comprehension when delivered. Any related WCAG criteria were noted alongside identified issues, with a subsequent prioritization of issues (Impact / Effort) carried out to ensure that the most pressing concerns were addressed with the most effective solutions.

Deliver Statement

When audit was completed on each service, the issues found were structured with proper information and handed over to teams.

Accessibility Awareness

Following the completion of evaluations, a presentation was held to discuss the most frequently occurring issues, including potential solutions and recommended steps to improve accessibility on a larger scale in the organization.

Lessons learned


Solid Structure

Establishing a solid structure is crucial when working with and evaluating accessibility.


Accessible Products from the Start

Simply identifying issues and measuring accessibility is not enough - it is important to fix current issues and build products accessible from the very beginning.


Using Findings from Accessibility Evaluation

It is important to use and work with these findings to enhance services and make them more accessible. A service does not become more accessible by simply being evaluated.


Organization Mindset

Evaluations can serve as a starting point, but organizational mindset is critical for sustainable progress and innovative solutions.


Tailoring Approach

Each team needs to find their own effective approach and tailor it to their own ways of working.


No Quick Solutions

There is no quick solution for achieving real results.


Empathy, Awareness, and Responsibility

Empathy, awareness, and responsibility are ultimately essential.

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