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UX Internship
at Lexplore

Research · Analysis · Workshop · Figma Prototypes · Interviews · Service Design

About Lexplore

Lexplore is a pioneering and mission-driven company, which provides schools with new technology and resources to promote reading development.

This is what Lexplore says about their methodology "By measuring when, where, and how a student’s eyes move in relation to the words they are reading, our paperless assessment quickly analyses their skills across key reading components, determines their attainment, and highlights potential barriers in a matter of minutes."

Due to (NDA) nondisclosure agreement:
I cannot share any visuals or detailed information about the work at Lexplore AB.


I arrived at Lexplore to do my 8-week internship with the ambition to learn how I could contribute to the team as a UX Designer and develop in my role. I was very curious about how I could fit into the team and where I could apply my UX knowledge. I wanted to get to know the product so that I could start looking at its usability and seeing where the product could be improved.  It was also important for me to learn how the users use the product and what the whole user journey looks like, right from installing to performing an assessment with a student at school and working to improve that result over time.


I focused on working on different use cases as well as conducting interviews with the target group. I was part of meetings with the developers where we discussed possible design solutions and impacts of them. We had workshops in the Experience team where we discussed ideas and focus areas. I performed research both within the product, but also an external analysis to gather new undiscovered insights that could strengthen the value. Figma was a powerful tool that really made visualising a lot easier for me.  

Lessons learned

Ever since I stepped into the Lexplore offices and introduced myself, I was curious about how it is to work as a UX Designer in that team. I learned new methods that shaped me into the UX Designer I am today, and I will carry these lessons with me throughout my career. Being at Lexplore will always be a start in my career because it was the first time I could really use my skills in a real workplace environment where there are no guidelines or instructions for everything. It was important for me to become curious and passionate about UX at Lexplore, and that’s what I really became.

"Patryk joined Lexplore as an intern and immediately showed a great set of skills that gave value to product design and development. His work was driven by openness and curiosity, while maintaining a humbleness towards the complex world that the ed-tech industry is."

Andreas Olsson

Designer & Educator

Thank you Andreas for being my supervisor and allowing me the opportunity to spend my internship at Lexplore. 

This project was one of many - make sure to check out my other projects and contact me if you have any questions about UX or my case studies. 

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