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One of the first times I came across UX was when I was studying Mobile App Development. We had a short course about UX/UI, and I immediately understood that it was something I wanted to learn more about. I loved the idea of solving problems and understanding how the product and user interaction works.

In addition, I was curious about understanding people and learning about what makes a good UX product. How could a product be built to be considered usable and accessible?

I felt that UX was my mission and I went for it! I started studying UX with curiosity and motivation in hopes of getting answers to my questions.

My passion for UX consists of a strategic thinking ability and with iterative methods, visual and inclusive design - improves the experience for the users and helps the business achieve goals.

On the way to the best products and services, I want to involve people to bring in a new perspective that ultimately leads to a service based on real and current needs. Choosing the right method can therefor be critical to developing solutions that align with user needs and business goals - solutions that can be adapted and improved over time. I see users as real teammembers.

I believe in working together with people in both creative and strategic ways to get the most out of a project.

I see myself as a UX Designer that has an ambition to always learn and improve my skillset.

"Patryk joined Lexplore as an intern and immediately showed a great set of skills that gave value to product design and development. His work was driven by openness and curiosity, while maintaining a humbleness towards the complex world that the ed-tech industry is."

Andreas Olsson

Designer & Educator

Together we are stronger

Collaboration is essential.

Creating an experience that is intuitive, appealing and user-friendly requires a variety of skills and perspectives.
One single person cannot have all skills on their own. Each person can contribute with unique insights that can help create an experience that exceeds expectations and helps the team to continually evolve.

Transparency and openness

Transparency breaks down walls, creates openness and promotes inclusion.

I am open and honest with intentions and actions. I believe in receiving and giving feedback, and different points of view which in turn foster an environment free of barriers.

User-centered design

Put users at the center of the process.

By having an understanding of the users' needs and opportunities, we can deliver the right user experience. Since user needs can change over time, I want to include the users throughout the process to stay up-to-date on the latest needs and constantly be able to design user-centered, whenever wherever.

Reflection and opportunities

Reflection on projects and results teaches me new ways to deal with challenges.

Reflecting makes the process more efficient.
I view challenges, no matter how complex, as opportunities and deal with them with a positive mindset.
I see results that did not meet expectations as valuable lessons for the future.

Accessible and inclusive solutions

Accessibility: not a challenge to creativity, but a creative challenge.

Design should not only be aesthetic and user-friendly, but also inclusive and accessible to all users. Accessibility should be a priority right from the start and through that, we can ensure that the service works for the target group. Accessibility counteracts exclusion from the digital society.

Creativity outside the box

Creativity helps us push the boundaries.

I am encouraged to think beyond established frameworks to discover new innovative solutions to complex problems. To think outside the box and be open to new ideas can help me create new solutions to deliver an experience that really stands out.

Value creation and influence

Create long-term value through solutions.

I believe in long-term solutions that can be iterated over time to continue to meet the changing needs of users and the organization. A holistic perspective helps me create solutions that not only meet today's needs, but also create value and a positive impact on the future.

Let's work together!

Contribution to enhancing and refining your projects.

If my skills and experience sound interesting and valuable to your team, I would love to discuss potential collaboration opportunities.

Please feel free to contact me at any time



UX Design

Completed courses

  • Research: Analysis & Strategy

  • User-centered Design - Design Thinking

  • Information Architecture

  • Prototypes

  • Usability Testing

  • Ethics in Design

  • Programming for UX Production (HTML & CSS)

  • Accessibility - Inclusive Design

  • Interaction Design

  • UI Design

  • Agile Methodology (SCRUM)

  • Internship 1 (at Lexplore)

  • Workshop Facilitation

  • Internship 2 (at PostNord)


  • Part of the educational management team for UX at Nackademin and helping shape the UX education structure.


Mobile App Dev.

Completed courses

  • Mobile Apps in Android Studio (Java)

  • UI/UX

  • HTML & CSS

  • OOAD (Object Oriented Analysis and Design)

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