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Evaluating Accessibility at PostNord 

WCAG 2.1

PostNord is a logistics and communications company that operates in the Nordic region. They offer a wide range of services, including postal and parcel delivery, freight transportation, and e-commerce solutions.

I helped PostNord obtain a comprehensive accessibility status by performing an Accessibility Evaluation and identifying potential areas that require enhancement to make their services more accessible.



Understanding Parking Signs with EasyPark

UX Strategy




Imagine you’re sitting in the car on your way to an important appointment and you are stressed and can’t find a parking lot. After a few blocks, you finally find an empty spot, and then you’re met with a complicated parking sign.

This project involved researching the challenges people face when parking and by understanding these challenges, we could ideate and develop a solution to make parking easier.


EasyPark Logo.png


Material Calculator for Byggmax


UX Strategy




Design Thinking


Byggmax primarily serves private consumers and in the assortment, customers will find works, board material, garden products, tools, paint, tiles, and much more for the most common home improvement projects.

This project involved research and several iterations of prototypes that could measure the quantities of material consumption during a construction project. 


Awareness about Accessibility at PostNord


Business Impact

Digital Transformation

A presentation on accessibility, aimed at highlighting the significance beyond the scope of just looking at checklists and WCAG.


The objective of the presentation was to discuss the mindset necessary for effective implementation of accessibility and to explore the potential gains or losses that an organization may experience depending on their investment in this area.

PostNord - Dark.png


Evaluating Accessibility at SL 

Accessibility Evaluation



SL has the overall responsibility for ensuring that everyone who lives in, or visits, Stockholm County has access to well-developed, easily accessible and reliable public transport.

SL allows people to travel to work, meet friends & family, and create memories. It is important that all people can take part in this without getting stuck on the website or being excluded from it by the limits of its functionality. 


An important way of becoming inclusive is to make it accessible on its digital services, because most of the time that is where the journey starts.

SL Logo Blue.png

Design for User Needs and Business Growth

My design approach goes beyond simply addressing existing problems. I strive to anticipate and prevent potential issues with the most effective strategies for creating a product that not only benefits the business but also provides a positive user experience and generates new opportunities.

To create the best products and services, I want to involve people to bring in new perspectives that ultimately lead to a service that is based on real and up-to-date needs. It's also not just about the visuals, but it's also finding new business opportunities to create even greater value for users. 

It is therefor crucial to select the appropriate design approach in order to develop solutions that effectively align with user requirements and business objectives, which adapt and improve over time.

One of the big interests that is quite dominant in how I think is accessibility – creating services that truly work for as many people as possible. There are so many benefits to offer a product that is designed with accessibility in mind and we designers should see it as our duty to include accessibility in our design thinking – because what good is a product if it can’t be used?

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